Supporting LGBTQ+ Community, Individuals, Couples, & Families

Transformational Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Perhaps, like you left part of yourself behind, when you ‘came out’?

Would you like to feel free? Find your inner strength and release your authentic self into the world? Would you like to stand unapologetically in your own skin?

Transformational coaching is a collaborative process to identify and work with your inner truth and wisdom to achieve a fulfilled life.

You’ll explore and address any obstacles that are interfering with you reaching your dreams. As your coach, I offer insight, intuitive questions, feedback and encouragement to develop effective, sustainable strategies to bring your vision to reality. 

Parent Programs

Are you feeling like your relationship with your child is broken? Or do  you simply feel out of your depth? Not understanding the how’s, why’s or what’s? Are you tired of feeling frustrated, angry or confused?

My programs are designed to support you to better understand yours and your child’s experience and guide to reconnect with your child on a deep level.


  Ensure an enjoyable, sustainable career. 

Effective self-care and reflective practice are key to an enjoyable, sustainable career in Human Services.  Are you taking care of yourself? Do you work in the Human Services sector?  Do you work with LGBTIQA+ people and/or their families? 

I can offer you a space to reflect, build your confidence, develop your language, knowledge, and skills working with LGBTIQA+ people and their families and strengthen your self-care strategies.


Ensuring a welcoming and accessible organisation

Would you like your organisation to be recognised as inclusive and welcoming? Do you know how to achieve this?

As your consultant, I can walk you through the journey of creating a safe and inclusive environment for your staff, clients/customers/students, and their families. Together, we can review your policies, practices and physical space. I can then support you to make the required changes, through discussion, professional development, and referral.


Have you felt like life is getting on top of you lately? Are you looking for solutions for the challenges in your life? Have you felt ‘stuck’ and uncertain about what to do? Is there something deep within you that you know is stopping you from living the life you truly want to life?

Would you like to shift that ‘something’ once and for all? Are you
keen to move through the ‘stuckness’, so that you can life a fulfilled and joyful life?

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