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Hi, I’m Tracy (she/her)

Throughout my 15+ years working as a therapist, advocate, social worker, coach, and activist, I have collected an array of tips, strategies and other valuable ideas that most effectively assist people in creating the change they desire to live their best lives.

This Empowerment Hub is the one-stop shop for you to collect the helpful information you’re looking for., whether you’re a parent, family member or LGBTQ+ person, there’s something here for you. 

Remember to come back and visit soon as I’ll update the offerings regularly.

What you need to know to reconnect with your LGBTQ+ child on a deeper level than you ever have before.

This is a guide to help you find the best support person for you, without ‘outing’ your child, even if you don’t feel comfortable speaking about it, yet.

Reducing your stress is crucial to your overall health and wellbeing. In this guide, I’ll explaing why and more imporatntly, how you can do it. Enjoy!

Do you feel like you have no time or energy left for yourself because you’re always giving so generously to others? Let me show you how you can create some time for yourself, without neglecting your loved ones.

Scared of ‘putting your foot in it’? Here’s a guide on what to say and what not to say when someone tells you they’re LGBTQ+

Self-care is crucial to your wellbeing, though in todays climate it’s not alway easy to carve out the time for it. I’ll show you how to find the extra time to do the things you love, without sacrificing other important things in your life.

Hey Parents… Quit guessing and find out what your LGBTQIA+ child (of any age) wants you to know. 

Find it hard to keep up with the language being used to talk about sexuality and gender identity, today? I’ve created a list to help you out. Keep it handy to refer to when you need it.

Do you feel like you could benefit from some extra support? The truth is, most of us could. I offer a free exploration call so we can chat about how I can best support you. There’s nothing to lose. Book a call today!

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