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Transformational Coaching for LGBTQ+ People & Parents

Hi, I’m Tracy Whitmore (she/her)

Throughout my 14+ years working as a therapist, advocate, social worker, and coach, the most inspirational experiences have been witnessing the extraordinary transformation in young LGBTQ+ people when their parents and families are able to better understand and support them throughout their journey. 

This is what drove me to create Indigo Journey, a safe, supportive, and judgement-free environment for LGBTQ+ individuals and their parents, to develop a better understanding, reduce overwhelm, and heal pain, in order to reconnect with themselves and each other. 

Check out some of the exciting things I’ve got going on.

Get My Free E-Book – 5 Steps to Reduce Stress No matter who you are, or where you might be in your own journey, we can all do with a little less stress in our daily lives. Claim your complimentary copy of my E-Book, “5 Steps to Reduce Stress” today! 

Work With Me Curious about what it might look like to work together? Schedule your risk-free chat today and we can determine how I can best support you in your journey. It’s your time to thrive!

WYCCO (When Your Child Comes Out) Program – This self-paced program was designed to provide you with the tools and skills necessary to build a better understanding of your LGBTQ+ child’s experience, relieve your fears, calm your overwhelm, and so much more. You’ll also receive a complimentary copy of my Do’s and Don’ts Guide.

Parenting LGBTQ+ Folk – Let’s get clear (short course) If you’ve booked an appointment, but don’t want to wait, or you’ve just started the journey, dipping your toe in the water to learn more, this short course is for you. Stop losing hours of your life surfing the net trying to find the ‘right’ answers. Gain clarity and release the overwhelm in this no fluff, no judgment zone short course.

Simply answers with kindness and compassion, in the safety of your own home, for just $17.

Family Connections Coaching – These 2-hour, 1:1 coaching calls can be utilized to address and discuss any specific concerns you may be facing in your journey. 

Join my free Facebook group – Rainbow Transformations – This free supportive Facebook group is a community for parents and guardians of LGBTQ+ people and queer folk, who’re committed to healing, learning, and growing together. Join today!

Find Out More Still have questions or just curious to know more about Indigo Journey? Check out my website today.

BLOG – Want answers in a bit more detail? Take a look at my latest blog.

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