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Hey friends! I know it’s been a while since I last shared a blog. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone anywhere. I’ve been busy writing in another format. I took the leap and follow a dream I’ve had for a long time, now. Yep, you guessed it… I’ve written a book!!! My aim is to help parents of LGBTQ+ folk to connect, on a deeper level, with their child and themselves. To support parents to allow themselves the space and the compassion to work through their feelings around their child coming out. To challenge the myth that parents have to put their feelings aside in order to be a loving, supportive parent.


What is this book about? This book will focus on guiding parents who are struggling with their own emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and values about their child’s sexuality and/or gender identity. It will create awareness, provide validation and a deeper understanding of the how’s and why’s of their experiences. There will be opportunities to ‘take action’, implementing practical strategies to reduce the overwhelm and deepen their connection to their child. The overarching approach is to bring kindness and compassion to self on this journey, to enable the processing of their feelings.


Who is this book for?

Any parent, carer, or guardian of an LGBTQI+ person of any age. Regardless of how supportive (or not) you currently feel, there will be something for you in this book. If you’d like to feel less overwhelmed, more relaxed, gain some clarity and feel more connected to your child, this book is for you.


If you’re a family member or friend of an LGBTQI+ person, you may also benefit from this book. Either to assist you with processing your own feelings, or to be supportive of the parent.


And, if you’re a professional who works with LGBTQI+ folk, and/or their parents, this will be a helpful guide for you. It’ll increase your understanding of the experiences of parents and how to best support them through this part of their journey to get to the other side, where they can become their child’s best ally.


Why did I write this book?

My belief is that together we can reduce the pain and suffering of the LGBTQI+ community by creating safe, supportive, well informed family dynamics. Supporting parents and families to better understand and support their kids and family members so the healing journey can begin.


Too often I hear from parents that they’re told “it’s not about you, you need to put your feelings aside and just support your child.” It’s true! Parents need to get to a place where they can be there for their child, be supportive, accept, embrace, and celebrate their child for exactly who they are. However, asking a parent to put their feelings aside is simply not realistic.


What I would say is, be there in the best way you can right now to support your child. At the very least, reassure them you love them and will be there for them. In the meantime, ‘do the work’, explore your feelings, where they’re coming from and what you need to do to get to the place where you are there for them authentically.


I’m intrigued. How can I find out more?

That bit’s easy! If you’d like to know more, you can send me an email to let me know you’d like to be kept up to date with what’s happening and the exact publishing date when I have it, as well as to ask questions.


When can I get my hands on it?

I have my fingers crossed to publish in June, 2023. There are a couple of elements outside of my control, so I can’t set an actual date yet. But it is very close.


Please share this with anyone you feel might benefit or know someone who would benefit from reading this book. You can also join our fabulous, private Facebook community for extra connection and support, here.


Be kind and compassionate to yourself. Let’s be in this together!

Hugs – Tracy