Ensuring your organisation is welcoming and accessible to LGBTIQA+ people and their families.

Indigo Journey offers a professional review and assistance to organisations, groups, and individuals who work with LGBTIQA+ people and their families.
That means EVERYONE.

Liz Darragh

“I have attended three training sessions delivered by Tracy and have left each session with more knowledge. Tracy gives examples of language to use and increased my confidence and communication. Since the sessions, I am mindful in everyday life to use inclusive language and recommend Tracy to deliver comprehensive, fun and professional training.”

Supporting Organisations 

to be the best they can be

Do your policies and values ensure your organisation is inclusive, welcoming and safe? Do you know what is required for this to occur? Are your buildings and your staff sending an encouraging, welcoming message to the community? If the answer is ‘no’, ‘not quite’ or ‘not sure’, I can help you.

I have over 10 years experience working with LGBTIQA+ people and their families. During this time I have supported numerous organisations and schools to develop a safe and inclusive environment for their staff, customers, clients, students, families, and visitors.

This support is offered in a variety of ways, such as professional development, consultation, policy review, and referral.

Supporting Parents 

to be the best they can be

Do you have contact with the parents* of LGBTIQA+ people?
Would you like to build your confidence to support them to be the best they can be?

I offer professional development to build your skills, knowledge and
understanding of how to best support parents.

Regardless of how supportive and accepting a parent is, they often still experience their own internal struggles when their child ‘comes out’. Such feelings may consist of worry, grief, guilt or shame, amongst others. It is important to provide an environment for parents to explore their feelings, experiences and thoughts, and have some of their questions answered – all without judgement.

My workshops will equip you with the skills and knowledge to provide parents with a greater understanding of their LGBTIQA+ child, accurate information, and support and encouragement for them to reflect, resulting in a significant difference to theirs and their child’s experience.

Would you like to build your skills and confidence working with parents and families of LGBTIQA+ people? Contact me for more information or to register your interest for the next training date.

Does your organisation take pride in providing a safe and inclusive service to the whole community?

Could your staff benefit from an informative, interactive workshop to increase their awareness of parents’ experiences and how to respond effectively and respectfully?

Please do not hesitate to contact Indigo Journey for a consultation, further information or to book a workshop.

What You Can Expect!!

How you can improve your confidence,
skills and knowledge ​Consultation

~ Policy Review and advice ~ Professional Development ~ Referral

Professional Development

Book your spot at one of my professional development sessions or you can book a session for your organisation. Group organisation bookings can be adapted to cater for specific organisational needs. There are three types of sessions available to choose from:

Session A

Introduction session.

Time required – 3 hours

Session B– Session A

+ Details and processes of gender affirmation.

Time required – 3 hours

Session C– Sessions A + B 

+ A variety of extra topics specific to your needs, plus tailored practical tools and practice time.

Time required – full day

At the end of these workshops, you will walk away feeling more informed, confident and with a fuller toolbox.

Get in contact to make a booking or for more information on workshops and consultations.


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I acknowledge that all people’s families and identities are unique. For the purposes of these workshops I will use the word parent/s, with the intention of encompassing birth, adoptive, step and foster parents, as well as any other adult carers. I am also using the initialism LGBTIQA+ with the intention of including all people whose sexuality and/or gender identity is variant to societal assumptions of ‘straight’ and/or cis gender.