It’s About You Too

Reducing the Overwhelm for

Parents of LGBTQ+ Kids

Enhancing your understanding of both your own and your LGBTQ+ child’s emotions and experiences, fostering unconditional love and support for them, and prioritising self-care.

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It’s About You Too: Reducing The Overwhelm For Parents Of LGBTQ+ Kids,

It’s About You Too Workbook,

My Gratitude Journal: Practice Self Compassion. 

The Workbook and Gratitude Journal are fantastic companions to It’s About You Too.


Rebekah Robertson OAM ~ Transcend Australia Founder and Proud Mum

It’s About You Too is a warm, gentle, compassionate embrace of the maelstrom of emotions many parents experience as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of supporting their LGBTIQ+ child. As the proud parent of a trans child myself and having supported hundreds of parents over the years, I know how vital it is for parents to safely process what can feel like a storm of seemingly conflicting emotions. It can feel really isolating. Tracy Whitmore offers parents practical guidance, tools, exercises and insights to help transform fear into peace and pride for parents of LGBTIQ+ children. This journey requires us to grow, and Tracy has written the book to help parents do just that. So settle down, and allow yourself to absorb the wise and compassionate heart of this work. You’re not alone.”

Beth Richardson ~ Advocate for Parents of Transgender Children

“It’s About You Too” assures parents that their feelings are normal and then gives them tools to help them work through the overwhelm, confusion, grief, guilt, and other emotions they may be experiencing, by sharing stories of people they can relate to. The crown gem is the Moment of Pause (MOP) at the end of each chapter to help you work the stress and emotions out of your body. What parents need most is support for themselves so that they can better support their child, and that’s what Tracy excels at.”

Mandy Giles ~ Founder of Parents of Trans Youth

“Tracy’s support and education for parents in It’s About You Too is approachable, patient, and compassionate. This book is like getting advice from a friend and will be an immensely helpful resource for anyone supporting queer kids in their lives. I loved the MOPs and action items included in each chapter.”

Patti Hornstra ~ Author of When He Was Anna: A Mom’s Journey Into the Transgender World.

“In It’s About You, Too, Tracy Whitmore takes a kind and compassionate approach as she guides family members through the complexities of supporting their LGBTQ+ loved ones. This book is a breath of fresh air for those of us who embrace that The Struggle Is Real and So Is the Love”

It’s About You Too

Reducing the Overwhelm for Parents of LGBTQ+ Kids

“Dive into the transformative pages of “It’s About You Too,” a powerful and compassionate guide designed for parents of LGBTQ+ people, though will be helpful for anyone who wants to be loving ally. This book goes beyond conventional advice, offering practical strategies, heartfelt narratives, and invaluable insights to help parents navigate the intricate journey of understanding and fully embracing their child’s unique identity.


Drawing on empathy and expertise, the author creates a nurturing haven where parents can delve into their own emotions, fears, and preconceived notions. With a focus on fostering unconditional love, for their child and themselves, this book provides actionable steps for effective communication and the creation of a supportive environment. It tackles crucial subjects such as gender identity, beliefs and values, the coming-out process, and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.


Through its warm and inviting approach, “It’s About You Too” equips parents with the essential tools needed to become strong allies. This inspiring read will transform your understanding, empowering you to embrace your child unconditionally and contribute to the cultivation of an inclusive world.”

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