I feel so privileged to work with the amazing people I work with.

I have so much gratitude for their trust in me, my programs, the process, and most of all, themselves. They show up openly and authentically to each session, with the courage to be vulnerable. All because they want to create change in their lives.

They have decided that they want to live a joyful, fulfilled life with meaningful connections with themselves and their loved ones. And they are prepared to do what it takes to get there.

One of my clients recently wrote this beautiful reflection of their experience and I felt called to share it with you. (I have their permission to share)


“The course Transform Your Heart gave me amazing insights and tools to work toward building a future that I want for myself. It broke me through limiting beliefs I had carried for decades and set me on a course to building a better life. Stepping forward out of the weight of my story.

When I began working with Tracy I was in a heavy place. I was unpacking trauma and working through my damaging mindsets of feeling incapable, unloveable, and being unworthy of good things. I was already working with a pretty good bag of tools but they weren’t enough at that time to really breakthrough. I reached out to Tracy @ Indigo Journey with my story and to see if I would be a good fit for her course.

When I first spoke with Tracy about the course I was unsure if this was going to be for me. I was feeling untrusting. I was unsure of how vulnerable I would be left during and after the course as I unpacked the weight of what I went through in order to move forward, and if I would even be able to find that sense of closure or capacity to move forward. I was in a very vulnerable space, and Tracy was a complete stranger. 

However, that went away very quickly as soon as I started working with Tracy. Tracy is a very easy to speak with, compassionate, calming, and understanding person. She would ask the right questions and help me break things down in a way that was much more manageable. She understood where I was coming from and offered amazing skills and tools to break through and change long-standing limiting mindsets. Sometimes something as simple as a phrase can break through the weight of anxiety and overwhelm that I’d been carrying for decades.  The meetings with Tracy were more like having a cup of tea with a kind, comforting & insightful Auntie who respected me and held space for me in a great way. The group sessions also gave me insights that I wouldn’t have grasped solo, and I felt so much less isolated in my personal experiences while listening to others people’s stories and hearing their breakthroughs. 

Since the course has finished I’m feeling as though a lot of the weight has been lifted. I feel more capable, stronger, and am able to handle things better. It gave me tools and insights about myself that have helped me make better decisions moving forward. To build the life I want. When I feel myself slipping back into my old patterns I look at my cheat sheet of tools and phrases built through the course to help keep me focused.

If you are wondering whether you should take the step to work with Tracy, I say do it. If You are willing to put the work into it you will get so much more out of it, the personal insights and tools she shares are fantastic and are lifelong gifts.” ~ Eris Bear, age 32