CounselLing & Coaching

for LGBTQ+ People & Parents

​You both deserve a life of peace, trust, and self-love.

Does your child identify as being LGBTQ+?

Do feelings of shame, rejection and isolation affect your lives and relationships?

Do you ever feel, stuck, stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed about day-to-day life for yourself, or your child?

I’ve got good news!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You both deserve fulfilling lives of peace, trust,

and self-love.

And your family doesn’t have to go it alone.

This journey that you’re on – we can do it together!

Indigo Journey provides a safe, supportive, and judgement free environment for LGBTQ+ people and their parents, to develop a better understanding, reduce overwhelm, and heal pain, in order to reconnect with themselves and each other.

“I can’t thank you enough for your work for our family. For the first time in many years I feel hopeful that we are going to be ok." (Mary)

Hi, I’m Tracy Whitmore (she/her)

Supporting the families of LGBTQ+ people by helping them to better understand their child’s experience, and allowing themselves to process their own, while helping queer folk to access their inner strength and free their authentic selves, is what I do!

My clients and I partner together to create a safe, inclusive space for LGBTQ+ individuals and their families to explore and heal the pain that often comes from misunderstanding, assumptions, and not knowing where to start.

Would you like to let go of the struggle, so you can live a fulfilled, joyful, thriving life?

Let’s talk!



“Tracy, you helped me redefine a significant moment in my life. Your energy and approach gave me a safe space to understand and overcome a flood of emotions that were affecting my every day. Thank you for your kindness and patience!” (Aleecia)

My services include:

  • Parent Programs 
  • Transformational Coaching 
  • Consultation Services 
  • Therapy Services 
  • Supervision Services 

Whether you’re seeking assistance and direction around how to best support your LGBTQ+ child through their journey of self-discovery, or need additional support and coaching around how to balance your own self-care with your changing family dynamic.

Let’s go on this journey together. 


Do’s & Don’ts for Parents of LGBTQ+ People

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